5 comments on “Best Historical Podcasts

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  2. There are a few things I will say about Dan Carlin:
    In Wrath of the Khans I he first characterizes the spread of “hellenism” and “Roman culture” unequivocally as a good thing. Which really is not something a historian in 2014 or even as far back as even the 1980’s would do (I’m speaking of the majority here). He spends quite a bit of time haranguing “some historians” for praising his so-called “historical arsonists for a good cause”. Again I don’t know of any serious, credible historian that would present an argument like that. Even the notion of the Pax Mongolica as a singular and unequivocal good has become rather passé in the last two or three decades. From my understanding, credible historians don’t talk about history like that. He gets too much into this idea of a “clash of cultures” or “clash of civilizations”. It’s the sort of stuff that pop historians eat up, but it’s not really something you’d see a well-read, well-researched post-modern academic historian push or publish.

    I don’t at all think that Dan Carlin is a bad place for general interest type things, but he’s not a very good place to start if you want to do a very detailed analysis of a specific time period. It’s actually good people are exposed to general histories, maybe by listening to a specific episode on the Age of Rome by Carlin would hopefully lead to someone to actively search for a work by Bryan Ward-Perkins or Guy Halsall to further their understanding from a historical perspective.

    • Thank you for your thoughts Zach.

      Dan Carin is rather controversial, eh? I definitely agree with what you said regarding Dan Carin being a starting place for general interests. All of the podcasts listed are snippets that will hopefully lead to deeper discovery. As you know, the list could have went on and on because there are so many great starting points, especially for generalists. What are your thoughts on the other podcasts listed? The History of Central Florida Podcast is probably my personal favorite. Check that one out and let us know your thoughts!

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